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Welcome to the Carlos Tabora Music Fan Club. I am a Billboard contest award-winning songwriter and solo piano artist and would love your support to help me continue making music. As a fan club member, you'll get sneak-preview access to songs in development before they get produced and a copy of my first highly-reviewed CD called 5 Now, 6 Later, that is available nowhere else. While my "day job career" has been in marketing, I would love to focus on writing songs and begin my next career in music. Your subscription will help me achieve this by allowing me more time to spend creating music. Thank you in advance for considering and hopefully signing up to be a fan club member.

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Carlos Tabora
Los Angeles, California
Carlos Tabora is a solo piano artist and Billboard-award winning songwriter. Influenced by the all-time great pianists and songwriters like Billy Joel, Ray Charles, Lionel Ritchie and Elton John, Carlos has often been called the "Filipino Jim Brickman".

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